Integrating an investment web platform into a mobile app for a better user experience



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How we integrated an investment web platform into a mobile application for a superior user experience

  • The client

    Our client is an investment management company that assists businesses in optimizing their investments for maximum returns while minimizing risks. They’ve launched a sophisticated investment web platform that helps users manage and track their invested costs.

  • Challenges

    Initially, the investment platform was popular within the business community due to its automated investment services and the capacity to deliver real-time market updates. But as the number of investment applications was increasing, the company faced the dilemma of how to retain its core audience. That’s why, the client came to Wetelo with the request to turn an investment platform into a mobile app by saving core features to enhance customer experience.



Defining the integration approach through product discovery

The first step in building a mobile app was to understand how to integrate the web platform and what core features we should preserve. To accomplish this, we initiated the product discovery phase to brainstorm the most effective product development approach that could fully cover users’ needs.

Our client’s investment platform allows customers to sign up as investors and tailor their goals. They can choose from options like capital preservation, retirement planning, or maximizing returns. Users can specify their desired investment timeline and their preferred balance between risk and return. They can also set their tolerance for potential temporary losses. Additionally, customers are asked to provide information about their age, status, annual income, savings, and overall wealth.

So, our objective was to integrate a web platform into a mobile app by preserving all the features mentioned above, providing a seamless user experience, and ensuring app compatibility.

Once our client agreed to our suggestions, we started the mobile development process.


After our product discovery was completed, we suggested the following steps:

  • React Native

    Opt for React Native to ensure cross-platform compatibility

  • WebView

    Use WebView to incorporate web-based functionality

  • Mobile app

    Transform web platform into a mobile app

  • Publish the mobile app

    Publish the mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store


React Native and WebView for the swift development process and seamless integration

As our client was strongly interested in fast product building, we opted for React Native and WebView. What’s more, we chose React Native and WebView to integrate a web platform into a mobile app. This integration was needed to save time and effort spent on product development and provide customers with a consistent and seamless experience as well as familiar features.

React Native for efficient cross-platform building

For the mobile app development, we decided on React Native because of its exceptional capacity to streamline the creation of a cross-platform mobile app that seamlessly operates on both the iOS and Android platforms.

By choosing React Native, we not only ensured efficient cross-platform building  but also provided a way for continuous improvements to the mobile app as well as offering a user-friendly mobile experience. Finally, this framework reduces development time and effort by enabling a faster time-to-market.


WebView component for faster building

We also decided to use a WebView component to integrate web functionality and web content into the mobile app and speed up the mobile app development process.

First, WebView allows a seamless integration of web app within the mobile app’s user interface. Second, WebView is supported on both iOS and Android. Third, it allows reusing already existing web content within the mobile app to save development time and effort. Finally, WebView is useful for delivering real-time content updates without the need to upgrade the entire mobile app.



Transforming the web platform into a mobile app

To seamlessly integrate the client’s web platform into a mobile app with minimal time and effort, we executed the following steps.

As a result of these efforts, customers experienced a seamless integration process that added more flexibility and convenience in using the investment tool as a mobile app. This approach minimized disruption and expanded the range of options available to users.

Traffic redirection

We directed the web platform’s traffic to the mobile app, ensuring a smooth transition for customers. This step enabled web platform users to easily access and manage their investments via the mobile app.


Feature replication

To provide a consistent customer experience, we replicated the platform’s features in the mobile app. By preserving key functionalities, color schemes, and layout, we ensure a familiar and convenient transition for customers from the web platform to the mobile app.


Preservation of core features

We preserved the core investment features. This included maintaining essential elements such as investment goals, investment timelines, risk-return balance, and user information, including annual income, savings, and wealth.



Publishing the mobile app on Google Play and the Apple App Store

To extend our client’s target audience, we released the mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store. This process involved the next steps.

First, we prepared all the information about the application as well as screenshots and graphics to introduce it to potential customers. Second, we uploaded the prerelease files to be ready for publishing. Third, we set pricing and distribution plans and added a rating function, enabling users to provide valuable feedback on the app. Finally, we published to mobile app to assist our client in revenue generation and customer outreach efforts.


Tailored and convenient investment management mobile app

After our work was done, the client received a reliable and robust mobile app for investment management, built to work seamlessly on different mobile devices. This app not only offers new opportunities to investors by introducing new investment methods but also has core features that customers are already used to.

With high ratings on both Google Play and Apple App Store, the mobile app demonstrates its widespread adoption and significant advantages. That’s why, it belongs to the best investment apps in Europe.


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