Software Team Augmentation 

Scale your team with skilled and talented software development experts to build effective solutions and achieve sustainable business results.

Facing these difficulties?

  • Worry that you may miss the project deadline

  • Can’t find the right stack for your project

  • Need to build unusual solutions but lacking certain expertise

  • Want to strengthen your team with new experts

  • Can’t afford to maintain an in-house team

  • Want to boost your project performance

It’s high time to hire expert software developers!

We’re here to address a development skills gap and scale up your team with the right people.

Why an outsourced development team is always a good idea

By scaling up your team with our expert software developers, QA, and PMs, you will gain both relevant expertise and creative and unique ideas to deliver to your clients.

  1. 01

    Faster product development  

    You don’t have to set up all processes from scratch as our team can do this instead of you. They’re flexible, dynamic, and adaptable. So be sure that they will speed up the software development process and reduce time to market.

  2. 02


    With an outsourced team, you’ll minimize your expenses. See how it works. First, outsourced developers charge less but provide top quality. Second, you don’t need to spend costs for office and equipment like when you have an in-house team.

  3. 03

    Access to relevant expertise

    No need to turn down a project because your in-house team lacks specific skills. With a dedicated team, you’ll access a broader range of expertise, enabling you to build any solution and succeed in a new vertical.

  4. 04

    Team scaling

    Expand your in-house team with flexible, creative, and skilled developers who can boost performance and speed up your growth. Just trust your project to them and expect the best results.

  5. 05

    Resource maximization

    With an outsourced team, you can simultaneously undertake multiple projects without the need to delegate tasks to your in-house team, who are already busy with other solutions. This way, you can optimize your potential and expand your project capacity.

  6. 06

    Simplified management

    You don’t have to monitor and report on a project's progress as you’ll get not only a dedicated team but a talented PM who will ensure smooth management and liberate you from routine tasks.

Why Wetelo?

We can bring quick value to your project and increase your development capacity with our top talents

  • Top-rank developers

    Top-rank developers

    At Wetelo, all our developers are skilled and creative with expertise in your vertical. They go beyond coding and craft solutions that address business issues. What’s more, our developers can share their expertise with your staff and team up for a common goal.

  • Individual and flexible approach

    Individual and flexible approach

    An individual and flexible approach to every client. Our developers are adaptable and responsive, and they always consider customers’ needs. So be sure that you’re going to get something unique and stand out from the crowd.

  • Technical interview

    Technical interview

    You can schedule a technical interview with our team to pick the best talents and understand how they can help you.

  • Low turnover rate

    Low turnover rate

    Our developers are committed to our company as we boost their morale, offer bonuses, and work on team-building. So be confident that if you hire our engineers they’ll be with you till the end of the project and offer support after product release.

  • High client satisfaction

    High client satisfaction

    Our developers are committed to our company as we boost their morale, offer bonuses, and work on team-building. So be confident that if you hire our engineers they’ll be with you till the end of the project and offer support after product release.

  • Availability


    Our developers are always at your service regardless of your project's complexity and timeframe. You can get the most capable specialists suited to your needs.

How you’ll benefit from our staff augmentation services

By hiring our dedicated development team, you can deliver more solutions without the added costs and in record time.

  • Generating new ideas

    Having our dedicated team is a way to innovative ideas. Fuel your business with talented human resources, generate unique products and impress your clients with truly exceptional solutions.

  • Building complex products

    No need to worry that your in-house team can fail to complete complex projects. Our dedicated team will support you, and you can confidently take on the most complicated tasks.

  • Reducing time to market

    You can pick the best talent from our team who will operate as full-time employees. As a result, you’ll swiftly get your product and can present it to users. With our dedicated team, you’ll act while others will wait.

  • Minimizing operational costs

    Start planning about where you can invest the costs you’ll save by working with our team. Having a dedicated team reduces staffing, operations, and infrastructure expenses.

  • Focusing on your business

    Grow your core business instead of doing routine tasks and worrying about project results. Trust this matter to our dedicated team, your reliable partner-in-crime.

  • Boosting flexibility

    Hiring outside developers makes it easy to plan for small and big projects. You shouldn’t worry that your in-house team won’t cope with them.

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Our team augmentation process

The team augmentation process will be fast and tiresome, and we’ll bring highly skilled tech talent onto your team.

  • Reach out to us and share your project details.

  • Pick candidates who are best suited to your requirements.

  • Interview employees to be sure that they’re suitable for the project.

  • Make your final choice of specialists.

Let’s start working!

Our services cover

Increase your capacity and get additional support with new employees added to your team.

  • Development

    Mobile development, frontend development, and backend development. We have a perfect development team to translate your ideas into code and meet your requirements.

  • Design

    Mobile UI/UX design, web design. Our UI/UX designer helps you create an appealing interface and adds much creativity to your project.

  • Operations

    Quality assurance, quality control, and automation testing. We can assist you with development operations to enhance a solution’s efficiency, optimize infrastructure, and ensure quality control.

  • Project management

    Planning, executing, establishing milestones, and communication. We can consult on all phases of product development and deliver truly outstanding projects.

How can you work with us?

We offer two engagement models to collaborate with us.

  • Dedicated team

    You can hire a team of experts to complete the whole project from beginning to end within your time and budget. 

  • Team augmentation

    You can scale your team with our top specialists to fill your talent gap. 

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We work with all leading tech stacks

We use the latest tech to build your solution.

  • react
  • react native
  • nestjs
  • node
  • nextjs
  • angular
  • express

Our recent case studies

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Hire Wetelo dedicated team to deliver unique solutions

Our team can ensure a swift and seamless development experience by ensuring long-term partnerships.