Application Modernization Services

Increased scalability and faster deployment, better user experience, and reduced cost of development – you already know the benefits of application modernization. Our engineering team will help you choose the right strategy and revitalize your outdated or poorly-built product.

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Your software isn't viable? We can fix it

Check out some of the scenarios and how we can help you deal with them.

    • Scaling bottleneck

      Your business is booming! You've gone from 100 users to over a million in no time. But there is a problem: you're hitting a brick wall and your servers can't keep up. Can you risk your business being crippled by a breakdown at any moment?

    • Migrate to the cloud

      We'll help you migrate to the cloud and set up a scalable and reliable hosting solution on AWS or GCP. This way, you'll be able to expand your server resources as needed, so you won't have to worry about hitting a wall or risking a breakdown.

    • Broken product

      Your old team has failed to deliver a working product. The software is buggy and you are losing money on broken integrations, poor UX, and slow performance. You want to hire a new team capable of fixing your product and getting your business back on track.

    • Hire an expert team

      We're experts at fixing issues, whether it's by cleaning up your code or restructuring your software. We'll work closely with you to find the cause of problems that are impeding your business's growth. From there, we'll create a plan for improvement and work quickly to deliver a working product.

    • Legacy technology

      Your outdated tech stack is limiting your company's growth. The industry has progressed with agile methodology, cloud computing, and continuous integration, and it's time to update your software accordingly. But finding developers who can repair your legacy system is difficult.

    • Modernize the tech stack

      By reengineering your solution, we can help you stay in line with current technologies to future-proof your business and ensure that you can stay competitive in the long run. We can help you identify the specific updates and changes you need to make to your tech stack, and we'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

    • Tech-business mismatch

      Your MVP is live and now you need to move to a scalable, fully-fledged product. But your current database is no longer suitable for what you're building, and there is a mismatch between the technical architecture and the business needs.

    • Restructure for scalability

      We'll help you make sure your product can easily handle changes as it grows. If there are any issues with your current database or architecture, we'll identify the best solution for your specific needs and implement the necessary changes to ensure scalability and maintainability.

Revive or rebuild?

We provide application modernization consulting to help you figure out an optimal way to optimize your flawed product.

The team actively participated in the process, consistently offering suggestions and enhancements.
Dima Syrotkin
CEO, Pandatron

Count on our years of experience to carry out your app modernization

At Wetelo, we've revamped multiple products that led to better business outcomes. See our case studies below.

Case study

Modernizing a Real-Time Sports Streaming Platform 

We helped a sports media company rebuild its sports streaming platform to improve functionality and user experience and enhance performance.

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Their ability to adapt to challenges and dedication to building long-term partnerships set them apart.
Executive, Yippin Orders

Our application modernization solutions

  1. 01

    Application refactoring

    We do root-cause analysis and troubleshoot your application code to enhance your system without any changes to the architecture.

  2. 02

    Transition to microservices

    If your product is experiencing scaling problems and is built as a monolithic app, we'll carry out the migration to the microservices-based architecture.

  3. 03

    Cloud migration

    Need greater scalability, speed, and reliability? We have large experience in migrating on-premises software to AWS and Google Cloud infrastructures.

  4. 04

    Application reengineering

    Modernizing legacy applications often requires starting over from scratch, using microservices and cloud architectures, and continuous delivery pipelines.

Transform and enhance existing capabilities

We don't just fix your app, we also do extra activities to make sure our application modernization process brings more value to your business.

  • Extend the functionality and improve user experience

  • Integrate OpenAI's APIs such as GPT-3 or GPT-4

  • Upgrade your technology by implementing the modern JS stack

  • Reduce cloud costs but maximize the business value

Invested in our clients' success

At Wetelo, we put our clients first and ensure they have full control over our processes.

  • Efficient and well-organized teamwork

  • Strong commitment to quality and long-term success

  • Transparent operations and regular reporting

  • Pragmatic approach to deliver solutions that meet our client's needs

They work collaboratively, and I find them to be both personable and professional.
Nikolai Shalovenkov
CEO, Checklive

Modernize your application

Rely on our expertise to avoid common pitfalls and achieve superior business results through our expert application development and modernization services.