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Apply to our product discovery services to visualize your solution and better understand your customers’ preferences to respond to them.

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By asking these questions, you’re on the way to the product discovery

  • Is my product idea worth trying

  • Can I solve my user’s issues

  • Do I have enough resources for software development

  • What do I need to build a successful solution

  • Where should I begin my project

  • Can I win funding for further product building

Why you need product discovery 

Let’s collect and analyze information about your product, target market, and customers’ needs to eliminate risks and build a truly brilliant solution.

  • Validate your idea

    Product discovery is a must when you have an idea but don’t know whether it’s worth trying. Our team will help you create an ideal customer profile to understand whether your solution will be popular among your target audience.

  • Improve an existing solution

    Product discovery is helpful when you’ve already had the solution but want to add additional features or enhance its performance. With our team, it’s not a problem as they will assist with the scope of improvement.

  • Opt for an attractive investment idea

    Product discovery is needed when you have many ideas but fail to understand which one will be profitable and in high demand among your target audience. So we’re here to assist you in defining whether your segment of clients will love it.

  • Understand your end-user's needs

    Product discovery is essential when you have an idea but fail to know whether it can solve your potential audience’s problems. We’re here to assist you in understanding your users’ preferences and needs.

  • Boost your uniqueness

    Product discovery is necessary when you want to ensure that your solution will be original and unique and differentiate you from others. Our team will help you to conduct competitor analysis to reveal weaknesses of their products and use them as features for yours.

  • Set your project’s goals

    Product discovery is vital when you start a project but fail to know how to do this by yourself. So we’re here to assist you with setting goals to achieve them further.

Our product discovery process

  • Writing project specifications

    This step involves creating a project presentation, setting the target audience, competitor analysis, and listing functional specifications. The main goal here is to describe a project, mainly what the client wants and what the result will be.

  • Defining the scope for MVP

    To create a usable and appealing product version and quickly validate a business idea, we identify the core features and functionalities of an MVP. At this stage, we define how to turn a basic solution into a fully functional product.

  • Drawing wireframes and prototypes

    This step includes outlining a product layout and the most essential components and producing some interactive models that can be tested with users and presented to stakeholders. The main objective here is to create a user-aligned product.

  • Creating a product roadmap

    Then we arrange everything that is needed to implement an app from timelines to milestones and turn the software requirements into code.

  • Building the solution diagram

    To represent the project architecture as well as the interaction of its components, we create the solution diagram. It is a great visual representation of written project specifications.

  • Estimating project timeline

    To ensure good project planning and management, we estimate the project timeline and define the duration of each phase of the product development. We create a schedule to act within an established timeframe.

  • Creating a resource plan

    This step involves outlining the staff, technology, and other resources to complete a project. At this stage, we also identify the roles and responsibilities of team members and any external resources necessary to complete a project.

  • Measuring risks and assessing

    To be prepared for potential obstacles and timely address risks, we measure and assess potential risks. These can be operational, technical, or market-related risks. So we develop strategies to mitigate them in advance.

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What you get from product discovery

As a result of product discovery, you’ll have the following outcomes that will support your product development.

  • Specification

  • Roadmap & resource plan

  • Architecture and design

  • Budget and time assessment

  • Proof of Concept

  • Predicted project progress

Why opt Wetelo?

  1. 01

    Focus on real cases of successful project delivery

    At Wetelo, our product discovery recommendations are always based on others' experience and real cases of successful project delivery. We analyze and do our best to prevent our clients from mistakes.

  2. 02

    Considering long-term perspective

    We build products for a long-term perspective by using technologies that make your solution  easy to scale and improve. We don’t suggest software that will be useless tomorrow.

  3. 03


    Wetelo team prioritizes users’ needs and preferences. That’s why, we build solutions that have a positive impact on users’ life. Having the end-user in mind is a way to create a truly valuable solution.

  4. 04

    Market analysis

    We conduct market analysis to study more about your potential audience and their interests and learn competitors’ strategies. As a result, we understand what the users are lacking and come up to you with our unique ideas.

Our recent case studies

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    "Jira meets Slack" – Avanga is a project management platform that we developed to solve our operational headaches.

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