Reasons to have your business automated

Why automation, you ask? The most important management drawback concerns the manual task performing. And the more tasks the team carries out day by day, the more difficult it is to keep them under control and achieve desirable results without mistakes. It is a high time to apply automation and there are numerous reasons why.

In this article, we will consider the key areas of any business as well as reasons to automate them and how automation facilitates business processes.


Reasons to automate: Impossibility of KPI tracking, manual mailing, the necessity of systematization, distribution, and management of leads and clients, ineffective billing management.

Marketing areas you should automate

Lead/Client management

Automated tools and modules allow to collect and process data about clients. The software for the marketing department allows tracking a customer way at each stage of the sales pipeline and its interaction with your resource (website, application).

Marketing automation accelerates the mailing process for clients. For example, the combination of sales and marketing tools provides automatic sending offers for all clients that are kept in the base.

Marketing Analytics

You should calculate a lot of indicators manually to measure the outcome of each marketing channel or analyze the marketing company's effectiveness. Digital analytics allows the development of new effective models for key indicators measurement. Also, you will be able to group and standardize the analytical data to monitor changes and take measures to them in time.


How long does it take you to process a new order or bill? Billing process automation allows sending online invoices for clients repeatedly. It helps make sure that clients pay on time as the system sends automatic payment notifications.

Digital tools allow working with analytics concerning payment status. All information is distributed to different groups: total payment statistics, the number of completed/late payments, the time spent on the project, etc.


Automation promotes personalized content implementation. You can learn about user actions on the website using search algorithms. Collected information gives insight into what content is most relevant for each user. If some articles are read by the client, the system will offer new content based on previous steps.


Reason to automate: ineffective call processing process, incomplete data about clients, plenty of manual tasks, and the impossibility of tracking touchpoints.

Sales areas you should automate

Call tracking

Every day your managers make records of phone calls and cannot control all of them completely. Some clients are losing as the manager forgets to make a record of a call in the database.

Automation allows to carry out communication with the client through one platform controlling each point of the client's way. It permits to pick up on each call, collect contact information, and receive precise analytics about the sales department's progress. The digital list of all conversations allows one to find the necessary one with the contractor and find out deal details.


Manual mailing is not the best way to draw client attention. Follow-up systems help build a relationship with the client and provide them with useful information in a few clicks. Moreover, it is possible to use various communication channels and encourage clients to cooperate at any time.

Lead generation and conversion

As a rule, clients move from different channels, therefore, it is important to track all touchpoints and carry out effective segmentation. Automation allows the distribution of all leads by groups so you can develop a personalized cooperation strategy. Having such a control system, you can optimize tasks related to potential clients depending on status and convert leads to clients faster.

Financial processes

Reasons to automate: manual financial reporting/ analytics measurement, miscalculation with invoices, etc.

Financial areas you should automate

Bank accounts linking

Banking channels allow to linking of all bank accounts instead of manual information input and save much time. Thus all transactions and bank payments will be registered automatically.

Automate invoices

Day by day you need to prepare and send different bills to your clients. Manual form registration can lead to serious mistakes and miscalculations. Automated invoices help accelerate the process of transactions and compare data that each one contains.

More precise analytics

Electronic dashboards collect all account information and display the current statistics. So you will have a clear vision of how your KPIs, expenses, and cash flows change.

Automated documentation

Automated documentation will help avoid mistakes with the calculation of indicators, taxes, etc., that prevent you from money penalties. The digital storage collects information and analyzes what accounts are outdated and what demands notifications for debtors. Just create the list and send notifications automatically.


Reasons to automate: routine schedule meetings, individual assessment of new hires, manual timesheet approvals.

Recruitment areas you should automate

Selecting candidates

Search algorithms help find candidates by certain parameters. With automation tools, you can share applications and track the best applications twice as fast. Special tools allow estimating candidates' professional skills/ personal characteristics without creating tests by hand.

Onboarding automation

The automated software provides a smooth onboarding process for each new worker. Using the automated HRM tools you can collect information about hired workers and accelerate transformation from onboarding to the first task performance. Besides, all information about workers is protected from any directed access.

Appointment automation

The software allows for storing information about candidates in one database. It gives possibilities for systematization and distribution of applications on certain days. Just choose a date and make an appointment for the candidate when it is convenient for either party. Mailing automation will become an excellent alternative to constant phone calls. Send emails to inform the candidate about the hiring process.

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