Hiring a Dedicated Development Team in 2023: Key Tactics

Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was, and still is, the most important thing we do. These words of Mark Benioff prove that building a dedicated team is as valuable as development as it defines and influences all business processes. Why is hiring a dedicated development team so significant in 2023?

First, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of flexibility and access to a global talent pool, making outsourcing an attractive option. Second, dedicated development teams offer a streamlined onboarding process, saving valuable time and effort.

According to Statista, in 2022, the global business process outsourcing market was estimated to be $261.9 billion, and by 2030, it is projected to grow by 9.4%. What’s more, 68% of US companies outsource their development. And cost is the main reason why they hire a dedicated team. The cost-effectiveness of hiring a dedicated team compared to maintaining an in-house team makes it an appealing choice for businesses. That’s why, finding skilled developers for immediate hire can be a challenging task.

But no worries, if you read our article, you’re in the right place and you’ll be equipped with techniques on how to arrange a hiring process.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated development team for your business

More and more companies are choosing to work with dedicated teams. And the reasons are pretty simple. It’s cost-effective, keeps business operations agile, and ensures hassle-free and flexible talent management. But, let’s reveal in detail the benefits that encourage businesses to opt for hiring dedicated developers.

Rapid Application Development Process

Hiring a dedicated team contributes to a faster development lifecycle as with such developers you start your project immediately. What’s more, you don’t need to set up all processes from scratch as such a team can do this instead of you. It’s flexible and dynamic, and can easily adapt to change. As a result, you’ll speed up the software development process and reduce time to market.

Wetelo team can ensure enough rapid development process if a client needs this. For example, recently we launched an MVP of cryptocurrency exchange platform in just two weeks. So the customer managed to introduce it to investors timely and win desired funding. So, see our team ensured a fast product development process and helped the client to achieve their goal.

Access to a wide range of skills

Finding skilled developers to hire opens new opportunities for your business by giving access to a wide range of competencies. As a rule, an outsourced team consists of professionals from all over the world who possess diverse tech stack capabilities.

For example, at Wetelo, we have an on-point story to tell. Our client built a chatbot, but they needed to fine-tune a GPT-3 model to make it sophisticated and smart. However, they did not have GPT-3 developers. As a result, our developers joined their team and assisted the client in solving this dilemma.

More time for business processes

When you have a reliable outsourcing team for the development of tech solutions, you can have more time for business activities and processes. You can delegate your tech tasks to a dedicated team and focus on the strategic development of your company. At Wetelo, we have a long-term partner for whom we built a sports streaming platform. He has trusted his tech solutions to our team for more than five years.

Saving costs

Hiring a dedicated team is a good way to reduce costs spent on in-house recruitment, onboarding, rewards, and training. For example, you can choose a team working on a contract basis, and your project cost will depend on its complexity. In addition, if you work with a reliable team, you can get different pricing plans to fit your budget.

At Wetelo, we offer two pricing models: fixed price and time and materials contracts (T&M). As a result, if our clients know all expenses in advance, then the best option for them will be a fixed price. But if a project is large and requires changes, setting a T&M price is a good idea. So, you can benefit strongly from hiring a dedicated development team. But now you’re facing another dilemma in understanding that you’ve found this team. And we’re going to help you with this point.

Qualities of a dedicated development team

What are the characteristics of the reliable and skillful team that should look out for and which can help you exactly? Let’s try to clarify.

High level of professionalism

You’ve found your “dream team” with rich expertise and a high level of hard skills. But it’s too early to say “Hooray”. Soft skills are not less important. Only a mix of hard and soft skills can demonstrate a team’s professionalism. So make sure that the hired team cannot only code perfectly or have knowledge of specific technologies but can communicate, work in a team, and have good time management skills.

Quality communication

Quality of communication is essential for teamwork, especially if this is a remote team. Clear and effective communication is the only way to build good interpersonal relationships with a team, fix issues, and brainstorm ideas. If you found a good development team with relevant hard skills but they deliver vague and unclear messages, don’t hire them. This team will bring you more issues than benefits.

Flexibility and adaptability

One of the main traits of a dedicated development team is also their flexibility and adaptability. Every project is based on strategic planning, but not always everything is done according to the scenario. So be sure that a hired team can adapt their pipeline quickly and can be on the same wavelength as a client.


Creative minds always come up with new and brilliant solutions. That’s why it would be good if you get a truly creative team with non-standard approaches to work as they can offer unique products. The more creative the team is, the higher chances will be that you will differ from your competitors.

All in all, you should hire a highly professional, creative, flexible, and adaptable development team with strong communication skills. So it’s high time to understand where to find good developers to save time and effort.

Where can you find a good development team?

The number of platforms where you can look for a development team is increasing like mushrooms after rain. But how to understand what marketplaces are reliable and reputable and can bring you whatever you need? We’ll assist you, and here is the list of the platforms we recommend to use.


Upwork is a freelance hiring platform that offers developers with different levels of experience around the globe. You can check out client reviews there to understand the quality and efficacy of developers’ work. Finally, on Upwork, you can create a job post tailored to your project scope and attract a top dedicated development team that fits you perfectly.

On Upwork, you can also find the Wetelo team and learn about our company, the technologies we use, services, skills, and featured clients. So it’s a great chance to know more about us.


Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find freelance developers. If you have a relatively tight budget, Fiverr is a good option to explore as you can access a pool of developers who can run your project from start to end. What’s more, on Fiverr, you can filter through developers with the required skills.

For example, on Fiverr, you can learn more about what types of projects the Wetelo team can deliver and see customer reviews to evaluate our expertise.


Clutch is another reliable platform where you hire a dedicated development team with confidence. Here you can find a dedicated development team by accessing all information about a company, services, portfolio, packages, clients, and customer reviews. Clutch can also equip you with hiring techniques to ensure a truly successful search.

The average review rating of Wetelo on Clutch is 4,9. Our clients recommend our team and describe it as experienced, reliable, skillful, and professional. But don’t take my word for it, just check it out.

Why hire the Wetelo development team?

If you are looking for a dedicated development team, consider Wetelo. Our team can provide not only proper tech expertise but also creative and innovative ideas that can bring new opportunities for your company. What’s more, at Wetelo, we can bring onboard an experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help you turn your business ideas into brilliant tech solutions.

Our expertise in web technologies, commitment to projects, creativity, and more are a guarantee that you will get highly skilled experts to develop a stunning software product. If you still doubt, just read our customer’s review.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hire a dedicated team?

To hire a dedicated team, you should do the following. First, try to understand how a development team can help your business. Second, check out whether a potential team is creative, flexible, highly professional, and with good communication skills. If nope, run away from them. Third, use Upwork, Fiverr, and Clutch as on these platforms, you can find skilled experts.

What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team is a business model that involves collaboration between a client and an outsourcing company. A dedicated team works exclusively for you and can assist you at any stage of product development.

When should you hire a dedicated development team?

You should hire a dedicated development team when your business is growing so fast that your team can’t handle it. Additionally, you should find a skillful development team when you want to boost your production capabilities and speed up your pace of growth.

What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated development team?

First, a dedicated development team speeds up the software development product by ensuring its faster presence in the market. Second, having such a team is a chance to access different skills and competencies that are necessary to make your project unique. Third, as a dedicated team can take responsibility for all stages of the product development, you can focus more on your business process and not worry about the final result. Finally, you can save costs as dedicated teams offer usually a few engagement options to optimize your expenses.

Since we’re both serious about your business, let’s make it official.

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