Companies Using GPT-3 and GPT-4: Best Use Cases and Applications in the Real World

Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence. These words of Dave Waters prove that AI is a technology that can change our reality by doing whatever people can do or even more. OpenAI is spreading like wildfire by driving fierce competition and encouraging more and more companies to integrate it into their business.

According to Statista, in 2021 the global AI market was estimated to be $95, 60 billion, and it is projected to be $1, 847,58 billion by 2030. What’s more, until 2030, the growth rate of the AI market can reach 33%. The AI market covers many areas from technology, education, manufacturing, finance, and business services to retail, healthcare, government, and media. And their number is still growing.


Source: Statista

Looks impressive, right? But why did companies get hooked so easily on using GPT-3 or GPT-4? No doubt, one of the key reasons is not to lag behind competitors who are using Open AI. But eventually, many companies just realize that GPT integration can help transform their business processes by making them more automated and customer-oriented.

Can we use other companies’ experience? Yeah, I thought so as this is the best way to learn from their cases and see how you can benefit from GPT-3 or GPT-4. What’s more, you can learn from the Wetelo team. So we’d like to provide a list of companies using AI products to help you understand how you can use them for your solution. Let’s get started.

Insights from companies that are using GPT-3 and GPT-4

More and more companies from different industries are adopting AI GPT-3 and GPT-4. AI is like a piece of cake for a business that can transform its solution, enhance performance, and attract new customers. But how do top companies use GPT products and what benefits do they get from this solution? Here is the list of companies adopting GPT-3 or GPT-4.



Duolingo is an electronic learning platform that teaches a second language and offers this service to more than 50 million users. The idea to make AI a part of their strategy arose when learners started requesting more conversations with native speakers to achieve true proficiency in a language. What’s more, platform users expressed the need for personalized lessons, and AI was a fabulous solution to resolve these dilemmas.

At first, Duolingo started with the use of GPT-3, but they needed more complex aspects to be covered. So the company decided to turn to GPT-4 to add new features like Explain my Answer and Role Play to make their platform more sophisticated and advanced. What’s more, Duolingo used GPT-4 to ask questions, explain mistakes to users, and build better conversations and relationships with users.

What benefits did the company get from using GPT-4? First, Duolingo’s language lessons became highly personalized. Second, the use of GPT-4 contributed to higher customer satisfaction and engagement as they received a chance to have a free-flowing conversation on diverse topics. So, see for Duolingo, GPT-3 became the instrument that boosted their performance.



BuzzFeed is a digital media company that provides news and entertainment content. In 2022, BuzzFeed reported a decrease in staff by 40% and a net loss of 27 million, it became obvious that the company needed new technologies to energize its business. So, BuzzFeed decided to use GPT-3.

BuzzFeed applied GPT-3 to generate more content without curation. For example, they used technology to create personality quizzes, ask more questions to users, and use their responses to generate text write-ups. What’s more, BuzzFeed believes that AI will assist their employees in delivering more quality content.

When the company announced its partnership with ChatGPT, its stock price skyrocketed. What’s more, this integration has brought match satisfaction to BuzzFeed’s shareholders. Currently, the company uses GPT-3 to streamline its content production.



Notion is a software company that offers a platform for planning, writing, and note-taking. What’s more, the company offers all-in-one workplaces to collaborate. As AI started picking up steam pretty quickly, Notion decided to integrate a new GPT-3 powered writing assistant.

With GPT-3 integration, Notion’s AI writing assistant allows users to quickly streamline their workflow, generate formatted content, and save more time for other activities.

Notion has already benefitted from the use of GPT-3. First, the company managed to enhance the functionality of its platform by making it more popular among users. Second, Notion’s platform has become even more approachable and user-friendly. Finally, GPT-3 allows Notion to speed up its users’ workflow.

Open AI’s Chat GPT


Open AI is an AI research and deployment company dedicated to bringing benefits to humanity with the help of artificial intelligence. The introduction of ChatGPT by Open AI was a brilliant solution that transformed the company’s approaches to machine learning.

Powering ChatGPT with GPT-3 was done to make a chatbot more intelligent and capable of offering a personalized customer experience. What’s more, fine-tuning ChatGPT with GPT-3 contributed to a more sophisticated dialogue between a human and a machine. Finally, ChatGPT can recognize emotions and feelings, produce diverse texts, and interact with users.

When Open AI introduced GPT-3, the number of its integrations with companies increased. For example, Open AI has extended its partnership with Microsoft. Additionally, the company has integrations with such top startups as Notion,, and GPTutor.

How Wetelo Uses GPT-3


Wetelo has also expertise in using GPT-3 as we help our clients to fine-tune their chatbots with GPT-3. Recently, one of our clients came to us to improve their virtual coach chatbot to make it more intelligent, sophisticated, and responsive to users’ emotions and feelings. So we suggested this company build a conversational module based on GPT-3.

With GPT-3 integration, the client’s virtual coach could understand employees’ moods, paraphrase employees’ messages, and express empathy. What’s more, the chatbot could distinguish negative sentiment from neutral.

Our client benefitted from using GPT-3. Human managers could better communicate with employees, improve their morale levels, and prevent risks associated with burnout and turnover. The bot became a worthy alternative to a human coach. Finally, the chatbot continues to help companies such as Universal Pictures, SAP, and Stora Enso with overcoming their management challenges.

So, GPT-3 integration has become an instrument used by businesses to transform their solutions. The experience of the companies helps us to make the following conclusions. First, GPT-3 can be used to improve the efficiency of a product and make more responding to users’ needs. Second, the use of GPT-3 can attract new partners and collaboration. Third, GPT-3 can enhance the functionality of products by making them more approachable and user-friendly. Finally, GPT-3 offers a highly personalized experience that increases customer satisfaction and engagement.


The overview of the companies proves that their improved performance and new approaches in the interaction with clients are the outcomes of GPT-3 integration. No doubt, these businesses used GPT-3 to transform their solutions and make them more brilliant and engaging. So if you feel that your product should be fine-tuned with GPT-3, don’t postpone but act right now.

If you want to improve your product with GPT-3 to boost your performance, feel free to read our related articles on GPT-3 models and fine-tuning. And when you need a team to assist you, Wetelo is at your service.

Having experience in fine-tuning a chatbot with GPT-3, we can turn your product into a sophisticated and intelligent solution. So don’t delay and contact us today, and you’ll get whatever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why companies are using GPT-3?

Companies are using GPT-3 to create high-quality content for websites and social media, improve the overall quality of their content, and maximize their marketing efforts.

How to use ChatGPT to improve the business?

ChatGPT is a good tool for crafting marketing copies and social media posts, campaign development, and writing email newsletters. What’s more, ChatGPT offers valuable insights and content ideas for blogs. All in all, all these efforts can result in improved customer engagement and enhanced lead generation.

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