Types of Testing: Which One is Suitable for Your Particular Project
Types of Testing: Which One is Suitable for Your Particular Project

Each product needs a high-quality check to provide excellent functionality and productivity.

There are a lot of testing directions that investigate project behavior. We will compare 3 main types of QA-testing and find out how they promote the product improvement.


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Functional Testing

Component Testing 

This testing method considers each product as a system with many components (modules). The QA-engineer checks each element separately due to detailed distribution. Component testing investigates each class and analyses product architecture in detail.

Module testing has particular advantages both for the product owner and the developer. It ensures that each module works properly in case of refactoring (when you change code). Besides, it corrects any possible defects at the initial development stages.

Integration Testing

On the contrary to the Component testing, that analyzes separate elements, Integration testing combines tested components into groups and check their interaction. It helps to avoid any functionality bugs and track both architectural and program components.

System Testing

System testing checks a product as a whole. System testing reveals bugs concerned with functionality, scenarios, usability, productivity, etc.

Acceptance Testing

It is a final stage of testing aimed at checking a product before its release. QA-engineers develop special tests for users and estimate whether the system meets their expectations.

This method includes the alpha and beta testing (testing with a group of clients and your initial team), testing according to standards (certain rules/criteria) and operational readiness testing (security procedures, maintenance procedures, etc.)

Security and Access Control Testing

Testing includes security checking and risk assessment related to hacking. Testers analyze all data and the product integrity, providing confidentiality and availability.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability testing сombines possibilities of integration testing and compatibility testing. This process figures out whether the system is easy-integrated with other components.

Non-functional testing

Load Testing

Load testing helps to find out the largest load the system is capable to sustain. In this way, software testers estimate system productivity. It allows showing product reaction depending on various factors' influence.

Performance Testing

Performance testing shows how the system reacts to different commands and indicators. The main task is to define pain points that decreases product efficiency and remove them.

Volume Testing

Volume testing evaluates system performance while increasing data for the application/ database. This method is appropriate for projects with large data volumes or complex SQL requests for data sampling.

Configuration Testing

Configuration testing checks system performance depending on the different configuration types. This testing is performed for projects operated on different platforms or browsers. At the final result, you get key figures measurement and the optimal configuration.

Installation Testing 

Installation testing is directed at verification of installation and configuration status. It finds out whether the product can be uninstalled or updated.

Regression testing

Regression testing is carried out for regression bugs searching. The QA-engineer defines whether changes in one part of the software functionality influence other parts or whether project updating did not lead to other defects.

Types of regression testing are:

  • Smoke Testing;
  • Build Verification Test;
  • Sanity Testing.

In this article, we explain the most common types of software testing and how they differ from each other. The IT-sphere contains more than 100 techniques checking even the smallest system details. However, if it is difficult for you to understand what type is suitable, our team will help analyze your project and define the best for it.

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