Criteria for Choosing a Suitable Outsourcing Software Development Company
Criteria for Choosing a Suitable Outsourcing Software Development Company

Choosing the right outsourcing software development company can take months of searching if you fail to know the criteria of a trusted and quality provider. Whatever you need is a set of techniques that will help you to make the best choice for your particular case. Don’t get in a fluster, we share everything you should know.


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Trend or Necessity?

The number of companies needed outsourcing services is increasing by contributing to the creation of different types of outsourcing. Is a software development outsourcing company a growing trend or necessity, you may wonder? Now stop right there. Then, ask yourself. What are the main reasons why I am going to use outsourcing? Just a minute, we will share why others do this.Some companies feel stifled by the COVID-19 pandemics and need digital transformations to recover after fallout. 

Want to know other reasons? The demand outweighs the supply. Thus, turning to outsource software development services has brought benefits in terms of finding the right talents for projects and resolving the problem of the lack of human resources for projects. Does this sound familiar?   

The main dilemma is how to know which software developer is right for your business. Therefore, start with these strategies: 

Check Their Portfolio and Experience in Your Area

Is a company an experienced player in your niche? This will be the first question you should ask when considering an outsourcing software development company. Thus, you should check relevant company’s experience to see whether it understands your business processes, market, and industry. Without a doubt, a company may not be able to share their previous projects due to non-disclosure agreements. In this case, just ask to provide a broad outline of their projects. In addition, if you are a healthcare organization, it would be relevant to select a healthcare software development company. Let me show you why. First, this company has done something similar to what you require. Second, it has the level of experience in the healthcare industry. Third, you will be on the same wave that will contribute to the future collaboration. Reviewing their portfolio is also a must to understand whether you are moving in the same direction. 

Just pay attention to the following aspects to make a proper checkout:

  • The outline of the previous projects
  • Relevant experience 
  • Readiness of developers to adapt to customers’ needs
  • Capacity to handle your tasks

After analysis of all these points, you’ll see whether you can coordinate everything smoothly. When making a decision, make sure to select a software application developer who responds to the requirements of this checklist. But wait – there’s more. 

Pay Attention to Initial Attitudes 

Do you think that the main task of an outsourcing company is to impress their potential customers?. First impressions are important but not so much as the emotional bond with a potential software development outsourcing company that will create all conditions for a fruitful cooperation. Then, just ask another question. What are their attitude and willingness to collaborate? Thus, you need to evaluate the following:

  • Their expertise and willingness to answer questions
  • Their readiness to help when needed
  • Whether they ask meaningful questions about your company and projects
  • The quality of their interactions. 

This evaluation strategy will help you build confidence in a software application developer as a future partner. For instance, you can ask to provide a sample of what they can release. However, don’t let them decide on your project on their own. And remember, go into discussions with some knowledge about your project. 

Consider the Quality of Communication 

Communication is key in most situations, and an outsource software development area is no an exception to the rule. Let's see exactly how it works. Imagine you have a list of questions to get answers from an outsourcer. However, they do not provide suitable answers and fail to be open and direct. Run without looking back. Miscommunication and misunderstanding between two sides are inevitable. Bang! Your projects are condemned to failure. So, consider the following points:

  • Quality of first few interactions
  • Accuracy of providing answers
  • Degree of openness and directness 
  • Readiness to answer all questions.

Check the Reviews from Customers

Nobody will deny the fact that outsource software development companies can produce positive feedback on platforms to increase their rating. Not to be caught on the hook, check the reviews from true customers. Customers' reviews are a great jumping-off point to evaluate a company’s services. Then again you can use feedback to ask for additional information before making a choice. Here, one more checklist to consider:

  • Read evaluations from true customers
  • Find reviews on each end of the spectrum
  • Ask for additional information. 

Check Methodology They Use

The lack of analysis of the methodology used by a software developer is a road to nowhere. Some companies prefer flexible methodologies while others are attached to traditional approaches. Therefore, it is vital for you to understand your project needs and check whether a company uses Scrum or Agile methodologies. To choose the company with a perfect methodology for you, do the following: 

  • Check a perfect methodology
  • Try to understand whether this company’s approaches are adaptable and flexible
  • Learn about all advantages and disadvantages of chosen methodology
  • Clarify whether you will be able to test your project at any stage of its development.

Evaluate product-centricity 

Without a doubt, you should evaluate customer orientation of a software development outsourcing company, but not to such an extent as product-centricity. Let me explain. First, an outsourcing company should have a deep understanding about how to help shape your product. Furthermore, it is a must for you to define your unique value proposition to focus their attention on relevant product features. Therefore, the product should become a key aspect to discuss to understand whether a company can meet your expectations. For this reason, do not forget about the following:

  • Product centricity 
  • Unique value proposition
  • Product peculiarities.


With this information, you are strategically equipped and prepared to choose the best outsourcing software development company. If these criteria still seem unreal to fulfill, do not worry. Wetelo and your projects will become a perfect match. Now, I am sure that with these techniques, you will succeed. I wish you luck in your selection process!

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