How scrum master leads the project to success
How scrum master leads the project to success

Each product demands experts in different fields - designers, developers, QA-engineers, etc. However, to organize the team workflow and keep on a steady rhythm, an expert that knows a product thoroughly is a necessity. The company head cannot bear in mind all aspects simultaneously. Therefore, it will be easier to form the project strategy and get some perspective, if this affair relies on the Project manager.


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According to the PMI:

37% of projects fail due to the lack of defined project objectives and milestones. 

44% of projects fail due to a lack of alignment between business and project objectives.

47% of projects fail to meet their goals due to poor management of requirements.

One-third of projects fail due to a lack of senior management involvement in crucial project decisions.

The project manager establishes a strong connection between the client and the team. PM is the guide controlling all development cycles and provides a better understanding of each task value. 

Each project manager is responsible for:

  • Setting technical requirements, schedule plans, financial statements;
  • Project planning and task assigning;
  • Task monitoring;
  • Communication with clients and project discussion;
  • Budget control, managing risks and resources.

The main reason for poor management concerns the lack of the detailed project description, task distribution, planning of the budget or resources. It is possible to keep under control each aspect of implementation only if the PM set requirements, estimated project and described each task for the team. Such a chain lays the groundwork for obtaining successful results.

5 reasons why PM should be a part of your team

Effective project maintaining

It is a multistep and complex process that includes goal setting, brief preparation, and specification writing. At this stage, the PM is responsible for the requirements necessary for project development.

Coordination of all aspects between the customer and the manager allows to avoid misunderstanding at the next stages and create an accurate action plan.

Precise project planning

Each specification should be consistent with the business plan. Here, project planning has great meaning as the team should have insights of how to achieve established goals.

While planning the project, the manager coordinates time limits, distributes the available resources and prepares a plan. Having estimated all risks, the manager distributes tasks between workers and proceed to the next point.

Communication with clients and team

Communication is surely an important attribute at the stage of an analysis and project assessment but not only. As a rule, PM discusses project details with the team, plans meetings with clients and makes a report of the work done.

The entire cooperation cycle between the client and the project manager is based on sprints. For each one, both parties define a task scope. Daily stand-ups help to discuss all tasks and organize team workflow. Regular meetings with clients promote agile product development and smooth processes as PM is constantly in touch with the client.

Flow control

The project manager takes on the role of a reference point for the team. He is responsible for the result to received in the long run. For this reason, support, motivation and accurate task distribution between participants are the key to success.

PM's mission is to check that each stage is carried out according to the plan and does not break the general business strategy. It allows to level any deviations and be on the right track during the process.

Risk mitigation

Risks are factors that prevent the team to achieve the main goal. It can be the issues related to the budget, completion period or product quality.

The project manager's task is to make the action plan that helps reduce possible risks or eliminate them. Timely identification of possible threats at the initial stages of development helps deliver a qualitative product and avoid money loss.

No matter whether you lead the small or big project within the company. The project manager is a perforce if you want to stimulate the process for the team and create a five-star product for your customers.

If you have a question of how to organize development in your company - write to us. Our project managers will help define control points at each stage, develop a strategy and complete all tasks in time.

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