7 Inspirational SaaS Startups
7 Inspirational SaaS Startups

It's not a secret that the best SaaS startups have found acceptance in different niches. Today we want to share with you some inspiring cases. And maybe your creation will be the next one on our list? So let's proceed to checking it out.


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PartnerStack is an open-source project management platform that helps teams collaborate more effectively. It offers a variety of features to help manage projects, including task management, tracking, reporting, and communication tools. Organizations of all sizes can use PartnerStack.

Year of the foundation: 2015

Direct investments amount: $7M

Top 3 clients: Asana, Monday.com, Headspace

App type: full-featured solution for partnerships

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: partner relationship management software has all the chances to become a profitable niche for investment. Because there is a high demand for these products today, and in the future, it will only grow. We recommend you paying attention to that point and considering investing in this kind of SaaS.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a modern, open-source content management system (CMS) that provides users with an easy way to manage their website content. It is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses that need a simple and efficient instrument for this task. With its user-friendly interface, Craft CMS makes it easy for people to create their own website while providing features such as site search, social media integration, and more.

Year of the foundation: 2011

Top 3 clients: Pitch, YCombinator, Tandem

App type: content management system

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: About 25% of websites actively use the content management system software. And this number will grow at a high rate because the CMS is an inexpensive and functioning option suitable for many businesses. So success will await you if you create a good product.


Clubhouse.io is a project management tool for software development. It helps coders stay organized and track their progress. It also has a built-in chat interface that allows team members to communicate and collaborate on tasks.

Year of the foundation: 2014

Top 3 clients: Marker.io, Lingo Live, ChargedUP

App type: project management for software development

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: despite the widespread use of project management software, many companies still do not use it. According to the statistics, about 50% of businesses have not yet done so. However, the progression of this sphere shows unambiguously that in the future, almost all companies will need to set up this software. That's why you have an excellent opportunity to implement large-scale sales of your own SaaS solutions.

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Loom is a powerful video recording tool that enables users to make high-quality videos. With its user-friendly interface, Loom makes it easy for users to capture and edit their content how they want it to be. Additionally, the app offers a variety of features that make it perfect for personal and professional use. For example, you can use It as a video messaging instrument with quickly shareable content.

Year of the foundation: 2015

Direct investments amount: $73M

Top 3 clients: Lacoste, HubSpot, Juniper Networks

App type: video recording software

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: the opportunities for investors who launch SaaS with a focus on video content are huge. When an exciting app from this field enters the market, all the money invested often pays back a hundredfold.


Ontraport is a platform that helps businesses automate their marketing process. It allows manipulating the sales team more effectively. Ontraport also provides reporting tools to see how workers perform against their goals.

Year of the foundation: 2006

Top 3 clients: Google, Coca-Cola, Capterra

App type: CRM & marketing platform

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: it is hard to overestimate the potential of the CRM SaaS industry. It has already proven to be a great niche. And by 2025, experts from Grand View Research predict that this market will be worth $80 billion. From this, we can conclude that investing in CRM SaaS has an excellent chance of making a profit.

Flow Xo

Flow Xo is a chatbot software that helps automate customer service interactions. This AI-based automation platform also offers a range of features that allow businesses to increase client satisfaction rates. The software can create custom chatbots for customer service needs and then manage and monitor those chats from a single interface. Moreover, Flow Xo offers pre-built bots that can help entrepreneurs handle common client inquiries.

Year of the foundation: 2007

App type: online chatbot software

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: chatbots have a great prospect for growth. By the mid-2020s, this niche is expected to become one of the essential engines of the global economy. So now is an excellent time to think about creating SaaS apps for chatbots.

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CleverReach is a marketing platform for sending email campaigns with customizable templates, tracking tools, and A/B testing capabilities. It also allows for managing email lists and tracking click-through rates. Additionally, CleverReach offers social media integration and report generation tools.

Year of the foundation: 2007

Top 3 clients: Levi’s, Spotify, ASUS

App type: email marketing platform

Why this niche is attractive for investment today: for many years, there has been talking that email marketing will soon become irrelevant. First social networks and then messengers were seen as its successor. However, together they have managed to fit harmoniously into the business model of communication. Therefore, it is very likely that email marketing platforms will continue to be popular, no matter what new competitors come into being.


As you can see, there are many inspirational ideas among the best SaaS startups. If you want to create your own solution, we recommend moving forward with Wetelo. Our team has a vast experience in this development type. So feel free to contact us.

We wish you good luck with your ventures. Hope to see you soon as a reader of our next articles.

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