Digital Solutions Your Business Needs
Digital Solutions Your Business Needs

''The one who owns the information owns the world''. This phrase of Nathan Rothschild reflects the core of digital technologies. Information is a valuable and strategic resource that feeds business and specifies its development ways. Digital programs are those tools that allow to manage information and get useful advantages that will enable to make correct and effective decisions.


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As you plan to extend and increase production, it will be more difficult to operate such processes. Therefore, the best way to cope with difficulties is to use instruments for data collection and analysis. Small and medium businesses use customer relationship management systems daily since such digital platforms perform in-depth data analysis, help devise a long-term strategy, therefore, you do not worry that something goes wrong. With such a system you can monitor employees' progress, change the management rules depending on the obtained data, predict sales or strengthen the relations with the client providing efficient service thanks to the one online system.

WEB applications

If your enterprise includes several departments and a large number of workers, there is a great probability, that you will need the versatile tool. It provides planning process tracking and deepens communication among workers within the company. For example, such a web application can become the solution that construction company needs. This application will create an innovative business management model and will allow managing projects, assign tasks to performers, exchange necessary media content and do resource planning.

SaaS products

The main feature of such platforms is that they do not require direct installation on the local computer and save business owners' money considerably. The SaaS model provides full process flexibility, documentation automation, registers clients' requests and helps track all changes thanks to the databases. Besides, these platforms are available on any software or applications as they own adaptability and cross-browser compatibility.

Due to such platforms, it is possible to manage the knowledge base, inform your colleagues about products or delegate tasks. (Read more about it in our case study.)

Besides, you can invite clients to the platform or upload the CSV-file with the list of all necessary ones. The system allows to sort and filter members depending on indicators that the manager chooses. One of the main advantages of such business models is their scalability. If your business possibilities require expansion you can customize the system or add plugins and modules to investigate other aspects of the company activity.

Online stores

According to the statistics:

  • The share of young people who make purchases intensively is 80%.
  • More than 50% of consumers buy online via mobile phones but not in local shops.
  • The number of people who carry out purchases online will grow to 300 million in 2023.

Such platforms for trade are an integral part of modern business. The advantages and capacities of these platforms are boundless. You can carry out analytics and increase business potential. Besides, you have no restrictions in the case of your audience. You can share ideas with consumers from around the world and sell products without limits.

Moreover, your online store is available 24/7. For instance, by integrating the chatbot into the system you will be able to boost relationships with the clients as your virtual manager will provide the relevant information and deep awareness of the client's behavior. 

It is a cornerstone of your business improvement that allows you to offer appropriate goods and make consumers happy with your product.


BPM systems allow to monitor and operate business processes within the company. Thanks to the platform functionality, the user can operate all information flows from A to Z, understand what task is assigned to each worker and in what timepoint it should be executed.

Thus, BPM systems increase productivity, help analyze current situation and make decisions based on collected statistics.

As opposed to them, ERP systems do not possess the same flexibility. However, they are intended for the business process automation and have a modular structure too. The main difference is that such solutions are more static and provide effective resource management. 

These records systems create a common information environment that contains databases of all company departments. As a result, you can accelerate document flow, receive fast feedback and control departments that are in other cities.

It is vital to digitize your business model to adapt to changes as soon as possible. Such a development concept creates new communication points with the client and gain profound knowledge of how your business system functions. Business management includes relationship and resource management. This concept has a significant influence on business growth since it pushes its limits and helps understand each activity aspect as a crucial element of a big system.

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