5 Reasons To Hire Remote Developers From Ukraine
5 Reasons To Hire Remote Developers From Ukraine

If you’re looking to hire remote developers, Ukraine is a great option. While the professional militaries bravely defend their land against invaders, Ukrainian IT specialists are ready to help their native country by supporting its economy. Today we are talking about the key reasons to choose them for your business. There are a significant number of talented devs in Ukraine. And this is the first reason we want to share with you.


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Reason 1: Deep Talent Pool to Hire Remote Developers

Ukraine has an oasis of opportunities for skilled software engineers. Nowadays, the IT sphere is one of the most popular here among people searching to make a career change or switch their current one to a more interesting specialization. And decent salary lets them still be motivated in self-development as high-quality specialists. So the talent pool in Ukraine is deep and wide-ranging.

Reason 2: Low Language Barrier

Ukraine is a major center of outsourcing software development. Many companies here help clients from all around the world to hire developers. And programmers are used to speaking with customers directly. Thus, the English level of Ukrainian coders is usually high. Good language skills let them find common ground with any person who speaks it. You shouldn’t worry about the miscommunication risk.

Reason 3: Hire Remote Developers with the Best Quality/Price Balance

The cost of living in the country is pretty low. This circumstance brings advantages not only to Ukrainian software engineers but also to foreign employers. Here are three types of benefits that you can have if you hire remote developers from there:

  • Good quality. Local IT specialists are known for their high-quality standards. This fact is especially evident in the software they produce.
  • Flexibility. Ukrainian devs can work in a variety of environments and with different technologies. They also have a strong work ethic and are punctual.
  • Save your costs. If you hire remote developers from Ukraine, you will save a lot of money than hiring coders from the USA or Western Europe. Additionally, you don’t need to rent an office for your software engineers.

Reason 4: Work Culture is Similar to the Western Countries

Ukrainians are easy to work with because developers are open to feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their coding skills. They also enjoy team collaboration, which is essential in the programming field. After hiring coders, employees are treated with respect. And there is a strong emphasis on productivity.

Reason 5: You Stand with Ukraine

Here is the most important reason. You show your position to the world when you hire remote developers from Ukraine. Its economy has been affected from the first minute after the aggressors launched a military assault on the country. Ukrainian programmers are ready to help their native land stand strong in the challenging times. By ordering their services, you support Ukraine. That’s why it’s a crucial step.

5 Reasons To Hire Remote Developers From Ukraine In The 2022 Year (Infographics)

How to Hire Remote Developers from Ukraine

There are local companies that specialize in outsourcing development. Wetelo is one of them. We believe that every new project for us is a new way to help the economy of Ukraine. Our services include:

Now you know why it’s essential to support the Ukrainian IT industry. We wish you good health and success in your business. Take care.


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